The Neck Pain Week

Learn to prevent neck pain in just 5 days!

Daily videos broken down into morning, lunch and dinner time to teach simple ways to prevent pain.

Packed full of neck pain busting advice from my years of treating it.

This is my select advice which will not only ease current pain but teach you how to prevent it coming back.

Hello, I’m Cara Simpson, founder of FlamingoPHYSIO

With years of experience and thousands of patients seen, I'm now on a mission to educate people how to prevent pain, rather than cure it.

The true brilliance of Flamingo PHYSIO is that you don't change anything about the life you lead, you simply learn how to vary your postures as you are leading it.


I keep things fun, yet informative, incorporating much of the great advice that is packed into my book.

A one-off payment for unlimited access to the course. Yours to refer to whenever it's needed.